Window Tinting for Commercial Buildings

Window Film for Buildings – Energy, Security & Specialty Films

Most any building located  in Los Angeles can have its appearance  enhanced and energy efficiently  improved  with window film. Buildings ranging from downtown sky rise towers to light industrial, schools and  transport and travel hubs all stand to benefit from the performance, security, and aesthetic enhancements offered by window film, FormulaOne Professional Glass Tinting stands ready to complete window film installation and projects for buildings of all types across all of Southern California.

FormulaOne Professional Glass Tinting offers commercial window consultations and quotes at no obligation, so please feel free to schedule a free window tinting consultation to discuss your Los Angeles building’s solar control and window tinting needs.

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Window Film Is Appropriate for Buildings of All Types

From a hospital filled with patients, to a university building filled with students to a factory filled with workser, window film can maximize safety, ensure comfort and add privacy to the facility and its occupants. Commercial window tint can be customized to fit single and dual pane windows no matter how  large or small. Given the vast array of window films offered by FormulaOne Professional Glass Tinting means it is easy to customize any window film installing for most any building design or specifications.

Improve Your Building’s Energy Efficiency with Window Tint

The United States Department of Energy recognizes that energy control window tinting is one of the best energy efficiency upgrades possible. Especially in warm and sunny climates such as Los Angeles where sun control film is a mist have. Window Tinting offered by FormulaOne Professional Glass Tinting can reduce your air condition “load” by as much as one ton for every 100 square feet of solar window film installed on the windows. The reduction in solar heat gain means dramatically reduced / lowered electric bill that can lead to a 100% return on investment in as little as 3 years. After the break-even point, the energy saving window films provides is cost positive, saving your building money each and every year thereafter. Most commercial window films will last up to 25 years providing you savings into the future. Our team of window tinting professionals work directlyu with film producers and commercial engineers to help create energy models that will let you predict your potential savings.

Window Film Enhances Aesthetic and Marketing

Strong, clear protection for property values and peach of mind.

The more windows a building has the more potential there is for decorative films to improves its appearance. Decorative window films can create a cohesive appearance that will change the appearace of the building make it look its best regardless of the windows shapes and sizes. Choose from window films that give you building a modern appearance with a sleek metallic look or even a one way privacy film that offers solar reduction. Decorative window films offer a variety of options such as frost that offer 100% privacy, reduce glare and heat but still let in plenty of visible light. Window Film is a great way to create eye catching advertisements with window graphics. Whether your graphics are as small as a single widow or as large as the side of your building you can transform your entire building into an advertisement, creating brand and or product impressions visible for miles.

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